NEOgas virtual pipeline cng natural gas delivered by truck

NEOgas delivers natural gas where you need it, when you need it

We manage the development process, gas supply, operations and logistics to make natural gas as convenient and worry-free as pipeline service.

We help industrial customers such as manufacturers of food, raw materials, and finished goods convert facilities from more expensive, less environmentally-friendly fuels to clean-burning natural gas.

Industrial customers: Facilities such as steel mills or food processors with thermal loads and/or cogeneration plants often use solid or liquid fuels because gas service would require investing in an expensive pipeline. NEOgas virtual pipeline helps these customers convert their energy supply to clean-burning natural gas and improve their energy cost.

Renewable gas producers: NEOgas provides a path to market for renewable sources of gas such as landfills and anaerobic digesters. The volume of gas from these facilities is often insufficient to justify an expensive interconnection to a natural gas pipeline where the biogas could be sold. We provide alternatives by transporting the gas to local fleets of CNG vehicles where the gas can be used as a renewable fuel and to other biogas facilities that already have the means to export renewable gas via pipeline.

Commercial and residential customers: We work with communities of residential and commercial customers to extend gas service in advance of permanent pipeline service from the local gas distribution company.

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Case Study
Natural Gas Delivery in South Carolina

International Paper, Mountaire Farms, and Perdue Agribusiness all rely on NEOgas to keep the gas flowing to supply their operations as reliably as a pipeline 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

In 2013, NEOgas started construction of the compressor station built to serve these customer in Lugoff, South Carolina. We made our first delivery of gas to International Paper in February 2014, and added deliveries for both Perdue and Mountaire Farms in March 2015.

We truck gas to the customers in our gas transport trailers around the clock. Our operations team monitors the gas supply at each location to determine when a new trailer of gas is needed. Each trailer is filled with CNG at the compressor station in Lugoff, and then driven by a NEOgas employee to the customer.

NEOgas provides multiple layers of redundancy to make sure our customers have energy when they need it. The Lugoff compressor station has 3 compressors, 9 gas transport trailers, and 3 tractor trailer cabs so that operations are not jeopardized by the failure of any piece of equipment. Our NEOSat monitoring system provides visibility into every component of the operations from our headquarters to ensure best-in-class reliability and safety.